Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Style Nostalgia

Here are some of my favorite looks/memories from last year...I definitely feel a huge sense of nostalgia looking back on these days and the adventures I had in my favorite places. My life is quickly changing, but in the best way possible. I am happy for my old memories but even more excited for what's to come!

Monday, 30 March 2015


Recently I've been coveting the perfect summer/festival pieces from Dresslink ! They have the greatest variety of  clothing & accessories and I thought it would be fun to share my own personal wishlist with you all and encourage you to check them out and create a wishlist of your own ^.^


Pieces of Home

Since I first left home, I've discovered how important it is to create a peaceful environment wherever you are. Whether it's your dorm room, first appartment, home, etc. It means so much to come back from a stressful day from work, social gathering or whatever it may be, to a place which relaxes and even inspires you. I've moved countless times over the past seven years and have yet to find a permanant place to call home (although Gavin and I are currently working on that), but no matter my situation, I surround myself with d.i.y projects, collecting interesting vintage pieces among other things to create a space I am always happy to return to. This is becoming even more important to me now that we're preparing for Forest's arrival, and trying to create a good home for him. 
My room is a crucial space, and I love changing it up, keeping things around that inspire me, whether it's for lounging around in comfee clothes (like this lovely bralet from AmiClubWear ), wirtitng, blogging or anything creative really!

  Bralet: Amiclubwear
Kimono: Urban Outfitters

Sunday, 29 March 2015

70's lace & a baby bump

It is now my 25th week growing my little Forest, and time seems to be passing faster than ever. I think back to when I first found out I was expecting and it seems like a lifetime ago...for the first four months, I was very sick and the pregnancy was high risk and so I was on bed rest alot (which is one of the reasons we took so long to announce, we wanted to be sure everything would be okay). In those four months, time seemed to have passed v e r y  s l o w l y. Thankfully, the passed month or so the pregnancy is gowing alot smoother, and I feel like I can breathe and relax, and also let myself get excited. After finding out we were having a boy, time seemed to move quicker...preparing for his arrival has been the highlight of my life and seeing how much my belly is growing gives me such joy. Of course there are a million things to stress about, this is my first child after all and what do I know? But I'm choosing to be thankful for life mysteries as well as its hardships as these are things that have helped me grow into the person I needed to be. The more my belly grows the more I grow with it in preperation for our little boy. It's important to remember that life moves at its own pace and the right things will fall into place when it's meant to.
  Boots: Amiclubwear // Dress: FreePeople

Friday, 27 March 2015

Casual Empress

A nice demask pattern is something I've always been fond of, however I typically only see it in wall paper or home decor. When I saw the subtle demask print on this dress (and these boots!!) from amiclubwear I knew I had to make it mine. This is also one of my favorite none-natural elements about spring: all the lovely new patterns and festival dresses that come out! As I'm due in four months there will be no festival going for me, but I can still dress for it right? Especially on mild days when I get excited about the coming summer days, I love to put on a pretty dress and flower crown (and now that I have a bump to dress up, it's even funner!) I love the gold detailing and overall unique quality of this particular piece though and definitely suggest you check out amiclubwear's other festival pieces!
 Dress: Amiclubwear // Hat & Flowercrown: Forever21