Friday, 31 October 2014


 Happy Halloween guys! This will just be a quick post...Gavin and I really haven't had much time to actually prepare and carve pumpkins, so when we finally had a day off together, we found a quiet spot, listened to some music and drew on some pumpkins. It was a really lovely day. Ayway, have a safe and creepy halloween guys! I can't wait to see all the orginial costumes this year!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

What rhymes with orange?

This is one of the few orange (kind of) pieces I own. I absolutely adore the color, especially burnt oranges in clothing, but for some reason I've failed to collect any for myself. I bought this pinafore from forever21 last year, and haven't worn it since last october! Some pieces are just meant for specific seasons I guess. I'm also one of those people who has trouble rotating my clothes, and end up wearing the same items over and over again and forget about half the things I own! And let's face it, we're all a little more likely to gravitate towards orange in october more than any other month. Perhaps we love it so much because we so rarely see the color outside of this month, so it keeps it special and almost nostalgic. Whatever the reason, I shall enjoy it while I leaves, pumpkins and pumkin flavored treats...I love it all!

    // Dress, Hat & Shoes: Forever21

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

On Wednesday's we wear black.

Well, it's almost here, one of the very best days of the year...HALLOWEEN. I've just been having strings of bad luck around this time of year, and every year I never end up getting a costume and having the all-out halloween experiences I used to love growing up. Dressing up is one of my favorite things to do (obviously, I am a fashion blogger), and dressing up with friends is even funner. I sort of cheated with this one and simply bought a hat from the dollar store and used a dress and jewlery I alerady owned and decided to have a halloween shoot at the very least. Yes, a witch costume is easy, but it's also fun. After last season's American Horror Story: Coven , I've been inspired to look witch-like at least once a week. One feels quite powerful entirely in black with stormy skies above them ;) HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE HALLOWEEN GALS AND GHOULS.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Weddington Way: Bridesmaid planning


 Weddington Way  is a wedding dress shop, which carries the loveliest variety of wedding and bridesmaid dresses and accessories. Being in the begining stages of planning my own, this website has been extrememly helpful in helping me choose the length, cut and color of not only my own dress, but bridesmaid dresses as well. I've landed on THIS dress in three colors: cameo, smashing and oyster. I've alaways loved the idea of mixed and matched colors for my bridesmaides rather than mixing dress styles. 

Now that the hard part is over (choosing the perfect dress for your lovely ladies on your special day) and you've choosen a color scheme...mine is anywhere from purple/taupe to's time to put everything together with flowers an accessories. These gathered style bouquet's are my favorite, very natural and simplistic...but still so very beautiful. They work perfectly with an outdoor wedding, however would not be out of place indoors either...they could also be used as home decor once the wedding is over!

In terms of hair accessories, I plan on wearing some sort of flower or woodland crown (haven't quite decided yet), however for my bridemaid's, I'd like something simplistic but still eye-catching like THIS braided suede jeweled flower crown from Urban Outfitters. It looks so delicate and stunning, and could work with any hair style, up or down.I prefer the hair down in loose curls, nice and simple to compliment delicate crown.

I am in love with the idea of a barefoot wedding, and these foot jewels from CatherineCole Studio are just so stunning and unique and would fit perfectly with the theme I've created. It's definitely not something you see very often, which is one of the reasons I love the idea so much. Less is more in my opinion.
Here are a few more inspiring photos/accessories which fit the color scheme and overall theme of the bridesmaid dresses. Sometimes I wish I was a full time wedding planner, how fun is this? I especially love the handmade "no ugly crying" hankies. I think if every bridesmaid carried a mini instax camera to capture intimate moments of the special day would be a fun idea too, no?
Don't forget to visit Weddington Way to choose dresses which perfectly fit your theme!

Monday, 27 October 2014

All my dreams, my dear, they are of you.

Unfortunately I've been pretty sick with the flu these past couple of days. So whenever I find the energy to get out of's not to go very far. Luckily there are the loveliest gardens and parks around making it possible for me to get the fresh air I so badly need without having to stray too far from my bed. Now, allow me to introduce to you my new favorite autumn addition: THIS stunning vintage coat from FrontRowShop . Everything about is pretty well perfect, the color ( I believe I've recently dedicated a whole post to my obsession with green) the fit, and the warmth! It is well lined and protects me well against the cool wind. I paired it with a flower crown that I made, I am slowly opening a shop for them (along with other handmade items), you can see what's up so far here . And one of my favorite dresses from Urban Outfitters. I love that, although this coat is of a unique color, I can still manage to match it with most of the items in my closet. Front Row Shop is killing it with thier fall/winter coats, here are a few more of my favorites:

Anyway, I'm off to drink tea until my headache goes away, hopefully I'll be better soon! Have a great week ^.^

    // Dress:Urban Outfitters //Dress: Urban Outfitters