Monday, 1 September 2014

precious moments

Here are a few of my favorite captured moments as of late. Summer is coming to an end, but I'm completely fine with that, seeing how autumn is my absolute favorite season. However, I have had some great adventures this summer to look back on. My first summer in Ottawa, and I know next year will only be better!

Friday, 29 August 2014

shades of blue

I suppose this outfit ended up as sort of an accident. I'm currently home, I have two weddings to shoot in the area and am visiting family in between weddings...for these I was at my dads, and my room is in the basement which is quite dark. So when I happened accross this hat and paired it with this plaid dress, it actually seemed MUCH darker inside. I was walking around in a bright blue hat all day and had no idea until I sat down to transfer my photos from my camera to my computer. Oh well, I'll just go with it. Besides, mixing prints and colors is fun, and as long as YOU like it, then that's all that matters. Individualism is a great thing, and we should always do what we feel comfortable/good about despite society's "rules" for how to look, dress, behave, etc. 
As I mentioned before, I'm slightly (?) obsessed with plaid, which I believe has stemmed from my love of autumn and fall fashion. I truly can't wait for the days I get to sit outside in a cozy sweater with a pumpkin spice latte and the beautifully colored trees around me. Not to mention Halloween! September is now around the corner, and this summer has flown by. It's a constant reminder that life is short, SO GO DO THAT THING YOU REALLY WANNA DO.


Thursday, 21 August 2014

French Courtship Slip

Just like the rest of the world...I am in love with freepeople and all of thier dreamy and romantic pieces...this French Courtship Slip is no exception. I think I'd normally pair it with a black slip, but I was on vacation and only had this white one, so oh well. I love the rustic, gypsy feel and look of this particular piece, it's very romantic...I am lucky my surroundings suited the piece well enough. The wood behind the camp groud I was in was lovely (though a bit eerie in the middle of the night)...and the green pond was cooling and truly great to shoot in. Well now I'm off traveling again, for two weddings. I will try to have regular posts up...There are some exciting adventures coming.

  //Dress: Free People

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Birthday Prince

On Tuesday, it was Gavin's birthday. We've both been working alot and our schedules always so oposite, but by some miracle we had a day off at the same time and it fell on his birthday ^.^ I snapped a few photos of him opening his gifts and playing with his cake sparklers...I'd forgotten completely to take out my camera throughout the rest of the day, but I like these ^.^ We're making some pretty big plans for the coming year, can't wait to get started!

  //Dress: Modcloth // GAVIN"S SHIRT: Urban Outfitters

Saturday, 16 August 2014

plaid on plaid

Hey evereyone, let me introduce you to one of my new absolute favorite outfits (not a dress, the top and skirt are detachable ^.^) from chictopia!. Besides the fact that it is plaid ;which my love for grows every day we get closer to autumn's a pretty unique look that I've rarely seen the likes of before. It was love at first sight. The fact that it is detacheable as well makes it more versatile, I can pair the skirt with a sweater in the cooler month, and the top with a black skirt or black high waisted shorts in the warmer ones. Speaking of cooler weather, it certainly has been feeling like autumn this week...we've been needing our coats (or at the very least a warm sweater.) as it's  been quite cold and gloomy/rainy. However I am NOT complaining. I love it, fall is my favorite season...I could live in it all year long. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

  ://Dress:  Chictopia